Machine Intelligence and Brain Research
Winter Course/Workshop on Computational Brain Research at IIT Madras

Dates :

Jan 2 Wednesday - Jan 9 Wednesday, 2019

Venue :
IC & SR Main Hall and Conference Hall II, IIT Madras


The Winter course on Machine Intelligence and Brain Research (MIBR) at IIT Madras is to be held between Jan 2 - Jan 9th 2019. The course is open for registration and the registration link can be found here

IIT Madras students (enrolled in Btech-Final year, M-tech and Dual Degree) can take this course for credit Course ID: 7123: 2 Credits). Details and Expression of interest can be found here.

The course is expected to provide an future opportunity to work with the Chair Professors and Faculty of CCBR undertaking cutting edge research projects (MTech and Dual Degree only) on Machine Intelligence and Neuroscience.

IIT M students who are only interested in the workshop and tutorial but not the course need to register here

There is a limited number of travel grants available for students from outside chennai. For more information, please see contact below


Goals of the course

Artificial neural network based machine learning architectures (software and hardware) are of great current interest in academia and industry. At the same time, owing to international brain initiatives, there are also rapid advances happening in Neuroscience. This interdisciplinary course is based on the premise that a two-way interchange between neuroscience and machine learning/AI will be mutually productive. The course focuses on four main areas of robust interactions between engineering and neuroscience (Vision, Speech/Audition, Natural Language, and Reinforcement Learning) and also includes related topics (classical Machine Learning, Hardware, Statistical Physics).

The Center for Computational Brain Research (CCBR) at IIT Madras:

The CCBR is an interdisciplinary center at IIT Madras focused on a two-way interchange between neuroscience and engineering.

The CCBR-IITM is comprised of faculty across several departments on campus and three visiting chair professors (Partha P Mitra, CSHL; Anand Raghunathan, Purdue; and Mriganka Sur, MIT).

The workshop component of the course will consists of pedagogical lectures and tutorials by invited speakers, foster national and international collaborations in the subject area. An outreach component of the workshop will include participants from the computer industry and medical research. The registration can be done here: for IITM students undertaking the course

As part of the course, we are organising an art exhibition titled "Brain and Machine Intelligence inspired art". Entries for the exhibition can be submitted here.

Confirmed Speakers for the course The course includes lectures from
  • Prof Paul Martin (University of Sydney)
  • Prof Trichur Vidyasagar (University of Melbourne, Australia)
  • Prof Jonathan Victor (Weill Cornell University, USA)
  • Prof Tadashi Isa (RIKEN, Japan)
  • Prof Mriganka Sur (MIT, USA)
  • Prof Partha Mitra (CSHL, USA)
  • Prof Anand Raghunathan (Purdue, USA)
  • Prof Balaraman Ravindran (IIT Madras, India)
  • Prof Sukhendu Das (IIT Madras, India)
  • Prof Hema Murthy (IIT Madras, India)

Final Schedule to follow

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